Field Services - Target Systems

Our experienced and dedicated field services team are on hand to deal with everything from logistics and mission planning to full operation of the target systems, tailored to your requirements and target recovery.

We maintain a number of target operating teams and all of the target systems equipment available for turn-key services, enabling the ability to deploy anywhere around the world at short notice.

With extensive experience of providing air, land and sea target services and support, with our country list of operation to date including:

Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Botswana, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, Oman, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Taiwan, Italy, UAE, UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden

Using our service provides a number of benefits to you including:

  • Utilising our hugely experienced team in your home country
  • Benefit from an experienced service provider
  • No need to employ your own staff full time
  • No large budget required
  • Cost-effective solution to your test and evaluation needs
  • Using the very latest QTS products
  • All of the launchers, payloads and equipment required

Each and every customer has their own requirements and specifications. We provide a service that is used to train new operatives which offer very basic flight profiles to more challenging profiles which include:

  • Dive manoeuvres
  • Pitch up manoeuvres
  • 3G weave manoeuvres
  • Sea skimming at 5 meters
  • Close formation flight 5 meters separation
  • Up to 8 targets controlled at one time

We can also cater for customers who require specific manoeuvres of payloads which we then design, such as hardware, electronics or software. Examples include:

  • 3G weave manoeuvres (Software)
  • Radar amplifiers at customer specific frequencies (Electronic)
  • Marine static target L-CATT (Hardware)

At QinetiQ Target systems we work collaboratively with our customers to understand and achieve their requirements and objectives.