Fire-40 Hot Nose

The Fire-40 Hot Nose is a small, lightweight, electrically powered infrared source (Fire stands for Forward IR Emitter). It is designed to be mounted on the wing tip of target drones, in the nose or tail of towed and free-flying targets or mounted to naval target drone mast assembly. Operating at 28 volts, it produces an operator-selectable infrared (IR) signature from as little as 6 Watts/STR to 40 Watts/STR in the 3 to 5 micron band.

A major advantage of the Fire-40 Hot Nose is that its output is not sensitive to airspeed, altitude or mounting orientation. When mounted to a target drone such as the VINDICATOR™ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Target (UAV-T) and linked to a generator, its duration is unlimited. It is ideally suited for forward facing infrared target augmentation making it especially useful for air to air and Navy head-on attack profiles.

Key Features
  • Applicable for both naval and aerial targets
  • Unlimited duration when linked to a generator
  • Not sensitive to airspeed, altitude or mounting orientation