IR Flare

QinetiQ Target Systems’ Infra-Red (IR) Tracking Flare is an enhancement used with the family of Banshee Aerial Targets to create a bright trace in infra-red spectrum.

IR Flare

The Infra-Red tracking flare has been used for a variety of weapon systems including Minstral and Stinger.

The IR flares can be fitted to mounting points on each of the Banshee target’s wing tips or alternatively to the exterior of the belly pod. Each wing tip can carry a total of four IR flares and the belly pod can accommodate a total of eight.

The flares are ignited by the avionics flare actuation system. The output of the IR flare is a minimum of 400 watts per Steradian in the 2.9-5.5 microns bandwidth, and the burn time is 60 seconds.

Key Features
  • 60 second burn time
  • Ignition on command from target control station
  • Over 400 W/Sr in 2.9-5.5μ band