IR Hot Nose

The Hot Nose is a black-body infra-red enhancement system that provides a proven infra-red (IR) source for IR tracked, guided or fused weapons.

It is easily fitted to a Banshee target without affecting its performance or the installation of other enhancements such as miss distance indicators or pyrotechnic stores. The nose cone is compact, safe and reusable and is not required to comply with the restrictive regulations governing the transportation of the traditionally used pyrotechnic IR sources.

The system comprises two major assemblies, the heated nose itself and a reservoir for the propane fuel. The nose comprises a forward looking 8.5” diameter hemisphere that is heated by a propane burner and mounting interface. The propane burner is equipped with a remote ignition system that allows it to be ignited on command from the target control ground station either before launch or during flight. In use the exhaust gases from the burner are directed over the fuselage so increasing the overall size of the heated area. Safety of the system is provided by a number of electrically operated solenoid valves which initiate shut-down of the system on either loss of aircraft command link, or, on demand, or, on parachute deployment, allowing all of the heated surfaces to cool before recovery.

Key Features
  • Proven capability against weapon systems such as Mistral, Stinger, Stinger RMP, Igla, Strella and Aim 9
  • No restrictive transport regulations
  • Compact and reusable