Smoke Flare

QinetiQ Target Systems’ Smoke Tracking Flare is an enhancement used with the family of QTS Unmanned Aerial Targets, which produces a vivid orange coloured smoke in order to increase the visibility of the target.

Smoke flare

In order to achieve realistic and cost-effective anti-missile/ anti-aircraft training of defences, unmanned aerial targets are often required to be fitted with visual enhancements.

Each smoke tracking flare produces a vivid orange coloured smoke that is visible at ranges of 6 to 10km in fair weather conditions. Ignition of the flare is initiated by the target operator sending a firing signal by remote control, after which the smoke will be emitted for in excess of 40 seconds.

A lightweight and simple design ensures that the maximum number of flares can be fitted easily to the range of aerial targets supplied by QinetiQ Target Systems. The design of the product also ensures that Miss Distance Indicator (MDI), if fitted, are free from interference. In addition, the environmental sealing remains intact during flight unless the flare is ignited, thus avoiding any possible ingress of moisture before firing, and also allowing return to storage if not used.

Key Features

  • Dense, highly visible smoke generator
  • Ignition on command from target control station
  • Burn time in excess of 40 seconds each
  • A range of colours available