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High Speed Inflatable Towed Targets (HSITT)

The High Speed Inflatable Towed Target (HSITT) is part of a family of low-cost, easily stowed, robust, inflatable towed targets that is the result of extensive research and development.

High Speed Inflatable Towed Targets (HSITT)

Our High Speed Inflatable Towed Targets are in service with over 10 militaries world-wide and are recognized as the best naval inflatable targets in the world. The HSITT was primarily designed to be towed by the Barracuda Unmanned Surface Vehicle - Target (USV-T) at high speeds and is ideal for visual and radar guided weapons systems. However, the HSITT can also be utilized as a stationary/drift target (sea-anchored in place). The HSITT can also be equipped with radar reflective patches to increase the radar signature.

Key Features
  • Proven speed of 36+ knots
  • Easily towable
  • Low-cost and expendable
  • Patented skeg design for high stability