Sprite II

The Sprite II™ Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) is a flexible and cost-effective naval training target, designed for Threat Representation and military operational training.



The Sprite can be supplied in the form of a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) in two sizes, or as a kit to convert an existing vessel into an uncrewed vehicle. The system has been designed to allow operation by either a crew on-board or by remote control.

For the conversion kit option, Petrol (gasoline) powered outboard engines are generally used. They are selected to suit the size of the hull to which they will be fitted in order to meet the desired performance. As a turnkey system, the smallest Sprite is 4.2m and offered with a single 40 horsepower engine, providing a typical maximum speed in excess of 30 knots. The larger vessel measures 7.5m in length and is also fitted with additional outboard engines for a total available power output of 160 horsepower.

If required, multi-fuel outboard engines may be fitted. Typically these engines are able to operate on F44 (JP5), F67 (petrol) or F76 (NATO diesel) fuels. Vessels of over 6 metres in length may be fitted with a diesel-powered inboard engine and out-drive unit.

All sizes of the Sprite have the ability to tow the QinetiQ L-CATT for enhanced training in gunnery and air-to-surface simulations. The large size can also include an electric winch with 500m of tow line, facilitating the deployment and recovery of the L-CATT.


Key Features
  • Multi-vessel operation.
  • Available in different sizes for varied mission profiles.
  • Supplied as a Turnkey or conversion kit solution.
  • Solution-focused with bespoke payload options.
  • Proven world-wide service and customer support.