What is the WSTC?

Working in partnership with UK MOD, industry and academia, the Weapons Science and Technology Centre provides weapons-related research and technology. We undertake a comprehensive requirements capture and prioritisation process and manage the competition for each new research activity, providing full visibility of the research planning, tasking and contracting.

The WSTC core programme includes planning and delivery of research relating to:

  • All weapon constituent components and sub-systems, both complex weapons and general munitions, where complex weapons are defined as strategic and tactical weapons that make use of guidance systems to achieve precision effects;
  • Associated system elements (e.g. launcher; local sensors & communications; targeting; fire control; mission command and control; and platform integration);
  • Weapon system architectures;
  • Weapon platform integration;
  • Activities to support the overall objectives of future weapon procurement initiatives, such as driving down the cost of weapons and reducing time to service for equipment;
  • Weapons domain modelling and simulation;
  • Applications of cross-cutting technologies specific to weapons;
  • Energetic materials.

QinetiQ leads the WSTC on behalf of the MOD in a highly successful six year contract. This covers the strategy, planning, management and delivery of research valued at circa £10 million annually to support complex weapons, general munitions and energetic materials.

What is genuinely ground-breaking about the WSTC model is its scalability, flexibility and how it brings industry and MOD together in an open and collaborative way: gathering requirements from all parties, including front line-commands then using deep technical specialists drawn from the 70+ partner organisations to plan and priorities potential technology solutions to form a coherent programme.

Delivery is by a “best of breed” basis and includes taking concepts through research and development to practical demonstration. However, it is the planning which is truly innovative and informs all research activities by capturing and translating MOD and industry requirements and capabilities into a programme that delivers best value for money.

If you work in these areas, the WSTC could help meet your requirements or help you exploit your solutions. If you have other research interests, talk to us about how the WSTC model could be used to solve your Research Management Challenges.