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Land Autonomy

Our range of robotic and autonomous systems reduce risk, enable increased tempo and reduce cognitive burden. Building on our traditional strength in ground robots and robotic applique kits, we have developed an advanced autonomy capability and a suite of advanced prototypes for a range of applications in unstructured and dynamic environments. Utilising a genuinely open architecture approach, we are working with partners to deliver autonomy solutions in both military and civil environments, integrating with other capabilities including unmanned air systems and high-level command and control.

Facility: Hurn Proving Ground

As an integral part of our capability we have access to dedicated facilities that enable risk reduction and confidence building through trials and experimentation design, conduct, and analysis services.

Our Proving Ground in Dorset, UK, is the UK’s only purpose-built military test facility, providing a safe area for trials of autonomous vehicles over representative terrains and obstacles that might be encountered in service. Platform performance, including unmanned vehicles and robotics, can be fully demonstrated and limitations explored to inform platform design and development, and enhance operational reliability.

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