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Data Classification and Protection

Boldon James Classifier is the best-of-breed data classification solution at the heart of your data security ecosystem. Used by over 1,000 organisations across the world, Classifier puts you in total control of your data to drive operational excellence, business innovation and growth.


  • SMERAS systems design, integration, testing and assurance
  • Optimised and cost-effective advice, support and assurance
  • A deep understanding of submarines and associated safety issues
  • World-leading expertise delivered by highly qualified professionals
  • Ongoing submarine safety research and development
  • SMERAS associated expertise in diving
  • All supported by an extensive range of tried and tested software, equipment and facilities
  • Independent and impartial SMERAS advice

Unique selling points

Data classification allows users to assign a visual label to the data they create, so that informed decisions can be taken about how it is managed, protected and shared, both within and outside of the organisation. The result is streamlined business processes with data security at the core, an improved security culture, and the ability to respond to today’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Easy to set up and integrate with existing solutions, Classifier is a flexible solution that supports a combination of automation and user-applied classification.

Classifier Administration offers an easily-navigable, unified console for quick set-up and control of your Boldon James Classifier products, and offers seamless integration with leading technology vendors, such as Microsoft, Forcepoint, Seclore, McAfee and PKWARE.

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