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Land robotics and autonomy

Autonomous technology can reduce risk for land forces in dynamic unstructured and uncertain environments, and increase operational advantage.

We provide a suite of open architecture software platforms that enable customers to connect disparate autonomous platforms and systems, engineering a solution that is tailored to carry out a mission-specific range of tasks quickly and safely. Missions can include surveillance, gathering intelligence, reconnaissance and delivering vital supplies to frontline troops stationed in dangerous or inaccessible environments.

By fully integrating multiple autonomous vehicles – any type of air or ground vehicle, unmanned or optionally manned – with intelligent software and systems, we create an end-to-end solution that reduces the cognitive burden on soldiers, enhances force protection and increases the tempo of operations.

Effective information management is at the core of our land robotics and autonomy capability. Our information architecture enables and manages the flow of data between sources, systems, sensors, effectors, platforms and people. Combining data captured by different platforms, the architecture interrogates it and determines the next action, then routes data between points as necessary to ensure a unified autonomous approach.

The ability to team platforms with human operators to share ownership of tasks creates an ISTAR and engagement capability that is exceptionally agile, and generates a powerful force multiplier. Our state-of-the-art C2 software platform enables a single user to control multiple unmanned systems simultaneously.

Our land robotics and autonomy offer is extremely flexible and scalable, covering:

  • Full systems integration capability
  • Onboard vehicle architecture, which provides mission specific configurable autonomy
  • Related services – advisory, consultancy, test and evaluation (T&E) and cybersecurity
  • Provision of advanced autonomously-navigating air and land vehicles – including the TITAN and TALON robots.

The open architecture of our software platforms allow them to be continually upgraded and improved to rapidly integrate new innovations, components or modifications.

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