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Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

OptaSense pioneers leading edge Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solutions that foster safer, reliable and cost-effective operations across multiple industries. These innovative solutions combine advanced fiber optic sensing and software to empower decision makers with real-time, actionable intelligence that increases operational effectiveness, productivity and safety.


OptaSense raises the bar by delivering a single system that detects smaller leaks faster and more reliably, while simultaneously monitoring for third-party interference and other external pipeline threats in order to prevent leaks altogether.

Oil and Gas

OptaSense Oilfield Services delivers real-time, actionable information that improves reservoir management and ultimate recovery, with an offering that includes Distributed Acoustic Sensing, processing and imaging and real-time visualisation.

Power and Utilities

Power network integrity is only as robust as its weakest point. OptaSense provides on-line condition monitoring that helps you monitor the pulse of power networks at every point both on and off shore—enabling higher performance, reliability and asset life.

For more information, please visit the OptaSense website.

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