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Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

Power network integrity is only as robust as its weakest point. OptaSense provides on-line condition monitoring that helps you monitor the pulse of power networks at every point both on and off shore—enabling higher performance, reliability and asset life.

Ensuring maximum throughput across an extensive network of power cables can be challenging. Within a single network, cables vary by type, installation and operating environment, making them susceptible to numerous risks that can result in cable failure. Unfortunately, many fault detection solutions provide alerts after an electrical or mechanical fault has occurred. Because these technologies rely heavily on simulated analysis, pinpointing the root cause of faults (design, manufacturing, installation or operational) becomes a time consuming and costly process.

Using distributed fiber optic sensing technology, the OptaSense Integrated Smart Sensing solution for power cables pinpoints the root cause of cable failure on line, resulting in quicker response and repair time. By combining short circuit detection with third party intervention, conditioning monitoring and seismic monitoring, this solution allows operators to maximise throughput and lower operating costs by optimising operations and maintenance practices.

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