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POINTER™ Network Cueing System

POINTER™ is our proprietary situational awareness tool that links sensors, weapon systems, and individual warfighters to display fused layers of information in an easily assimilated manner. It can be useful in land and maritime environments.

Land: networked cueing system for vehicles

Taking live feeds from any sensor that can provide a point of interest (POI) or track, POINTER plots these on a battlefield management application in the command centre or vehicle. It then either automatically or with command input transmits this information directly to the POINTER viewer on or near the crew-served weapon of those soldiers who will respond.

POINTER gives commanders and gunners vital information without distraction, and clarity under pressure. Simple, intuitive and agile to use, the training burden for operators is minimal.

Maritime application

POINTER is designed to counter the small boat threat, such as that from Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC), that can be encountered in littoral waters, and which provides a significant risk to naval platform operations.

Situational awareness is achieved by displaying to the operator where any threats are, where their weapons can and can’t engage, where they are currently pointing, and where their vessel is in relation to these. In training configuration it simulates weapons effect on training targets for a realistic dynamic training environment.

POINTER can also be used in conjunction with remotely operated, robotic and autonomous systems to provide an integrated command and control function for widely distributed assets, delivering a variety of effects – from reconnaissance to direct fire support.

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