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Stand-off Laser Microphone

Firestorm is a stand-off laser microphone that enables covert surveillance and evidence collection. The system provides remote surveillance in real time from a static observation point and is suitable for vehicle-based operations. It is also effective against targets in both open and enclosed spaces. It comprises a multi-channel receiver and signal processing capability that provides clear audio feed without interference.

Simple to use, it requires only limited training for operators. The Firestorm operator aims the sensor head at the audio target using the riflescope, and then adjusts its range to gain the clearest audio collection of speech and tone. The sensor head transmits an infra-red laser at the audio target and reflected light is captured via two receiver lenses. The receiver units detect sound waves produced around the audio target, which are then demodulated by the system processor and provided as intelligible audio. It is also possible to utilise the optional remote control unit to bookmark particular audio targets for retargeting, so reducing operator workload.


  • Provides a tactical eavesdropping capability to increase situational awareness and support decision making
  • Undetectable by counter surveillance clearance scanners
  • Invisible to the human eye
  • A stand-off range of up to 150 metres, which could be extended, but with a resulting degradation of audio quality

Unique selling points

Firestorm provides real-time audio surveillance to support both static and vehicle-based operations. It has the capability to operate against targets inside buildings or in open ground. The processing algorithms supporting Firestorm greatly reduce the effect of motion of either the platform or target through minimisation of ‘external’ noise caused by movement. This expands the options for its deployment and utility for use against a wide variety of audio targets, ranging from a room in a building to a seat on a train, or a bench in a park. It can be used in both static and vehicle-borne scenarios.

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