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Major acquisition support

UK MOD – Operational Support Programme (OSP)

OSP delivers the UK Defence requirement for a range of vehicles to deploy on operations worldwide with improved protection against an increasingly complex range of threats. In support of the programme, we led an industry consortium providing options analysis, through life-cost modelling, requirements and acceptance criteria generation, risk analysis, technology and market survey analysis across their programme. This provided the analytical evidence to prove that the procurement was fit for purpose and represented value for money to UK Defence.

Canadian DND’s Future Fighter Capability Programme

We were contracted by the Government of Canada to support the competitive procurement process to replace Canada’s fighter fleet with 88 advanced jets. The work included providing support to criteria development and value for money analysis. We delivered a rigorous, evidence-based and robustly designed and delivered assessment schema for the programme.

UK Royal Navy Oil Depots

The UK Royal Navy was renewing its oil fuel depots and associated infrastructure, and wanted to understand its investment priorities. We conducted an in-depth review, modelled fuel demands based on a range of evidence and considered potential operational impacts of alternative fuel infrastructure options. This process identified capital investment savings of £166 million while still delivering the desired capability.

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