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Innovation and SME programme

We worked with a client at an international Government Defence Agency, responsible for innovation and a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) accelerator programme. The programme had major strategic and sovereign significance for the Defence Agency and the client needed to understand the programme’s viable options and how to better deliver effective outcomes. We provided the client with several options and tangible actions to enable the programme to meet its strategic objectives, support policy and legislative initiatives, and deliver value for money.

Industry Canada DPS Study

We were asked by Industry Canada to advise on how to support the implementation, ongoing development and evaluation of a new Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS). Our consultants assessed the strategy employed, policy being executed and analysed the approach, resources and effectiveness of the in-house team. The study concluded that although the team was efficient and capable, significant changes needed to be made in the structure and responsibilities of the government departments to better align authorities and implementation with policy and achieve improved outcomes.

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