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Fire-40 Hot Nose

The Fire-40 Hot Nose is a small, lightweight, electrically powered infrared source. It is designed to be mounted on the wing tip of target drones, in the nose or tail of towed and free-flying targets or mounted to naval target drone mast assembly. Operating at 28 volts, it produces an operator-selectable infrared (IR) signature from as little as 6 Watts/STR to 40 Watts/STR in the 3 to 5 micron band.

A major advantage of the Fire-40 Hot Nose is that its output is not sensitive to airspeed, altitude or mounting orientation. When mounted to a target drone such as the VINDICATOR™ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Target (UAV-T) and linked to a generator, its duration is unlimited. It is ideally suited for forward facing infrared target augmentation making it especially useful for air to air and Navy head-on attack profiles. 

Key Features

Applicable for both naval and aerial targets

Unlimited duration when linked to a generator

Not sensitive to airspeed, altitude or mounting orientation