Commerce Decisions

Commerce Decisions delivers the AWARD® procurement evaluation solution, best practice knowledge and expert services to support strategic, complex, or high risk sourcing projects.

AWARD®, together with Commerce Decisions’ supporting services and thought-leadership, provides procurement teams with the confidence to address challenges efficiently and deliver robust decisions.

Commerce Decisions’ mission statement is to “Make a difference by helping people around the world benefit from the right procurement decisions being made on important projects”.

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Commerce Decisions has over 15 years' extensive and successful evaluation support experience on some of the world’s largest and most strategic programmes. This background enables us to deliver a robust and defensible procurement process to our clients; proven time and again across many sectors including construction, transport, education, health, defence and facilities management. To date, Commerce Decisions has supported over £200 billion of projects internationally.

They are widely recognised by their clients as trusted providers of robust, best practice procurement advice that is independent of any supplier interests. Clients can be assured that the procurement services provided by their world class experts will always only serve the best interests of the client.

Drawing on their accumulated experience and knowledge, they are in a unique position to also offer a bid review service to tenderers, equally so for procurements that are using AWARD® as for those that are not.


Strategic procurements involve multiple stakeholders, significant budgets and have a big impact on business performance. They may represent only 20% of procurement transactions, but often account for 50% of annual spend and 90% of procurement risk. The issues faced by procurement professionals are common throughout the world. Commerce Decisions provides software and services to support the procurement and post contract review processes for both buyers and suppliers.

  • For buyers they improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation process in order to make the best buying decision based on all the relevant criteria.
  • For bidders they improve the quality and timeliness of proposals to best meet the needs of the potential buyer and thereby give them the best chance of securing the contract.