We deliver customer focused solutions addressing the design, manufacture, analysis and test of aerospace structures.

Our multi-disciplinary approach provides innovative technologies to worldwide civil and defence aerospace challenges, helping our customers maintain edge in a highly competitive market. We offer tailored support from conceptual vehicle programmes through to the in-service support of ageing structures. Key technology areas include:

  • Advanced structural analysis, design and optimisation solutions that de-risk projects and demonstrate structural integrity for certification. Services include non-linear analysis, complex assembly modelling, bespoke material modelling and impact analysis, e.g. ‘bird strike’.
  • Development of dry fibre preforms for composite aerospace component applications.
  • Robotic stitching techniques for production of stitched and tufted preforms to improve composite impact damage tolerance and reduce cost.
  • Impact resistant composites using our patented Shape Memory Alloy technology.
  • Advanced mechanical test solutions to support aircraft structure development and qualification, including rig design, test and post test analysis. We can offer Biaxial and large specimen testing as well as custom test methods.
  • Fractographic assessment & failure analysis of composite structures.
  • Non-Destructive Testing products for composites including automated inspection solutions – PINPOINT, and 3D-Validator composite, characterisation.
  • Structural Health Monitoring, including product development based on guided wave technology.


SMA fabric