Security Architecture

The architecture that underpins the security of information assets should support corporate or operational strategic objectives as well as the risk management strategy. It must also be appropriate, achievable and affordable.

We help organisations develop an effective security architecture that is tuned to their protection requirements and operational needs, fully cost justified, and built around a high level vision that enables the Board to understand risk and cost.

Working with our customers, we design and deliver an architecture based on appropriately secured, business-enabled systems, that:

  • Balances security requirements with business needs
  • Meets regulatory compliance
  • Reduces complexity and cost, through the elimination of unnecessary security measures and systems
  • Demonstrates effective risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Provides an auditable decision making process
  • Is set up to enable the effective management of through-life security

We use a package of concepts, methods and techniques to ensure that security controls are placed where they will most effectively manage risks and support business or operational processes.


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