Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Both military and commercial organisations carry out tasks that are hazardous, costly or impractical for humans to undertake. Robotic and autonomous systems that operate in the maritime, land and air domains can provide significant operational advantage, while increasing safety, mission tempo and reducing the burden on troops, field workers, and first responders.

Human hand making contact with robot hand

We have a wide ranging capability with varying levels of autonomy (algorithms/software) and mission systems requirements.  This includes technologies for sensing, orientation, decision making/planning, control (move, position themselves, strike) all being developed with scalability, security and certification in mind.

Our solutions are robust to sub-system failure, and are modular in design, enabling integration of third-party software and easy system upgrades. Safety and the validation and verification of such systems are at the heart of our capability development.

Examples of Robotics and Autonomous Systems applications range from logistics, explosive inspection and disposal, fisheries protection, the development of tactics, techniques and behaviours for Manned and Unmanned Teaming, including Mission Planning and Mission Management for multiple platforms in dynamic, uncertain environments.