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Advisory Services

We act as an independent partner for customers looking to procure services and develop capabilities.

Advisory Services

Infrastructure & Base Protection

The challenges involved in providing protection to vulnerable or critical infrastructure and fixed or temporary bases are similar to those inherent in protecting people and platforms – but the size of the area to be protected, the diverse nature of activities undertaken and the persistent nature of structure can bring additional complexities.

QinetiQ provides a full range of research, advice, design and assessment services that support physical protective measures for civil and military infrastructure, buildings and operational bases.

Our solutions cover the protection of perimeters, entrances, living/working accommodation and information architectures. We also offer essential services for the storage and distribution of fuel, power and water.

Applying our extensive ongoing research, we have developed a range of solutions that provide integrated, layered protection, including:

  • Unique vehicle arresting systems
  • Network cueing systems (POINTER)
  • Combat ID systems
  • Radar systems (ALARM)
  • Perimeter and intruder detection systems (OptaSense) (see Border & Asset Protection)
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Vehicle arresting system

Vehicle Arresting System

X-Net® is the only man portable, non-lethal vehicle arresting solution available today that has been extensively and independently tested and deployed internationally with military, police and security forces around the world.

Quick and simple to install, X-Net is available as either:

  • a lightweight system capable of stopping small cars and medium-sized (up to three tons) trucks
  • a heavy duty system capable of stopping large (up to 10 tons) trucks

Unlike vehicles halted by traditional tyre-puncturing systems, those stopped by X-Net cannot continue to be driven because of the unique ‘spiked’ design which brings the target vehicle to a complete stop, under control, irrespective of the standard or type of tyres.


Networked Cueing System

Networked Cueing System

QinetiQ’s POINTER™ static solution is specifically designed to support networked firepower for Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and installations.

POINTER is a networked cueing system which works with the majority of in-service sensors. The system locates targets and provides information directly to those who will react. This delivers a fast, accurate and co-ordinated response that protects infrastructure and bases and their surrounding area, and saves lives.

Giving a precise visual indication of a target and its position, POINTER provides information on the range and bearing to target, enabling a call for indirect fire. The system can be:

  • fitted to wall-mounted protected weapon stations (Sangars)
  • used with any sensor, network or weapon mount
  • integrated with all crew served direct fire weapons and light vehicles

It is simple and intuitive to use, with a minimal training burden.


Combat ID

Infrastructure Combat Identification

QinetiQ helps customers to choose and deliver effective, value-for-money Combat ID capability that protects properties and infrastructures in complex operational environments in order to minimise damage and save lives.

We provide independent advice on selecting, procuring, applying and integrating the right technologies and equipment into the Combat ID solution, and ensuring a coherent and timely introduction of the capability into service.

As well as marking ‘friendly’ assets with distinctive materials and beacons to enable rapid and accurate identification, our solutions incorporate elements such as training and safety, and environmental management.

Assessing the customer’s entire Combat ID capability requirement from end-to-end – including constraints, short-term demands and potential future threats – we deliver highly functional, robust solutions that can adapt to changes in political, social, environmental and technical circumstances.



Alerter of Approaching Rocket Munitions (ALARM™)

QinetiQ’s ALARM™ is the first radar system specifically designed to minimise casualties by providing sufficient warning of attacks from short-range low trajectory rockets.

More difficult to detect than high trajectory rounds, the high velocity of low trajectory rockets also reduces the potential warning time. ALARM’s multiple array receiver enables very rapid detection and threat assessment, greatly reducing potential casualties by allowing troops to take evasive action or simply get prone on the ground. An entire operating base can be protected through the deployment of multiple radars.

A fully automated system, ALARM requires no manning and can be assembled and set up in just two to three hours. Maintenance is minimal, due to the radar’s modular construction, and the system is easy to configure in the field.