Maritime Life Support

Diver in pool

Diving & Life Support

To ensure that divers can rely on their equipment in all conditions, its safety and performance needs to be assessed and assured. We research, test and evaluate diving and life support systems and equipment for organisations including the UK MOD, Royal Navy, NATO, UK Health and Safety Executive and commercial diving companies.

We also investigate incidents, test diver performance and advise on how to optimise it, provide guidance on safety and offer medical support services.

The delivery of our services is supported by the specialised equipment and unique facilities in the QinetiQ Diving and Hyperbaric Test Centre (DHTC). These include a Life Support Systems Laboratory (LSSL), Hydrostatic and Extreme Temperature Tank (HETT), Experimental Diving Tank (EDT) and Hyperbaric Trials Unit (HTU).


Escape pod

Submarine Escape

QinetiQ is the UK Royal Navy’s partner for Submarine Escape Rescue and Abandonment and Survival (SMERAS) research, test and evaluation, and we’re at the forefront of research into physiological effects in the SMERAS environment.

We’ve delivered SMERAS support services to many of the world’s navies and naval constructors, and supported by peerless facilities, which include the QinetiQ Hyperbaric Trials Unit, we handle concept design and development, tower escape systems, surface abandonment, DISSUB survival, submersible rescue and audit and assessment.

With a rapid response team of Submarine Escape Training Tank (SETT) qualified personnel, we’re ready to go to sea and conduct trials at any time.


submarine graph illustration

Atmosphere Control

As the UK Royal Navy partner in atmosphere control, we understand the importance of assuring people’s safety when operating in challenging enclosed environments such as submarines and submersibles, armoured fighting vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft.

With over 25 years’ experience we are established leaders in the modelling and assessment of enclosed atmospheres and hold UKAS accreditation for our breathing gas and carbon dioxide absorbent analysis capability.

We provide independent advice and guidance on atmosphere control equipment, test and evaluation of air quality to demonstrate compliance and/or identify issues, prepare and manage air quality field trials, design and support air quality equipment and systems and deliver contaminant removal services.