Electric Propulsion

Our range of Electric Propulsion engines are robust, low cost and high powered systems designed for commercial and scientific applications.

Our electric propulsion systems can be used for a range of missions:

  • Earth observation
  • Interplanetary science
  • Communications and navigation


With a demonstrated thrust step control of 12 µN, and flown for 36,000 hours on GOCE, the T5 electric propulsion system is a robust and highly versatile EP system capable of efficient thrust operation and ultra-precise orbit manoeuvres.

 Parameter Capability  GOCE Qualified 
 Thrust Range  0.6 mN - 25 mN  1mN - 20mN
 Total Impulse  >3 MNs  >3 MNs
 Specific Impulse  3200 s  3000 s at 20mN
 Mass  2 kg  2 kg
 Envelope  240 x 190 x 190 mm  240 x 190 x 190 mm


The T6 electric propulsion system, currently flying on BepiColombo, is designed to provide extremely efficient station keeping, orbit raising, end of life de-orbit manoeuvres, or in the case of BepiColombo the primary propulsion to enable the spacecraft to reach Mercury. 

Parameter Capability  BepiColombo Qualified 
 Thrust Range  30 mN - 200 mN  75 mN - 125 mN
 Total Impulse  8 MNs  8MNs at 125 mN
 Specific Impulse  4400 s  3900 s at 125 mN
 Mass  8.5 kg  8.5 kg
 Envelope  342.5 x 313.8 x 308 mm   342.5 x 313.8 x 308 mm

Electric propulsion