Ground Segment Services and Operations

QinetiQ, in partnership with SES, founded Redu Space Services (RSS) in Belgium for the tailoring of Satellite Communication Solutions and the Operation and Maintenance of the related Antenna and Communication Systems.

Principally, RSS provides satellite communication services to the European Space Agency (ESA) as it operates the ESA Redu Centre, which includes tens of antenna and operational satellite systems.

We offer 24/7 hosting, maintenance and operation services for satellite communications infrastructure, in a highly secured and RF protected environment.

RSS provides consulting experience and design services for the development of new Ground Segment systems for satellite operations and services.

Examples of fields are: VSAT, uplink systems, SOC, MOC, NOC, TT&C antennas, communication antennas, IOT systems, ranging systems.

RSS is the European Centre for Excellence for In-Orbit Payload testing, with a successful heritage of carrying out more than 50 IOT campaigns.


Satellite communications