Advisory Services

We act as an independent partner for customers looking to procure services and develop capabilities.

Advisory Services

Weapons Science and Technology Centre

Working in partnership with UK MOD, industry and academia, we run the Weapons Science and Technology Centre (WSTC) that provides weapons-related research and technology.

We undertake a comprehensive requirements capture and prioritisation process and manage the competition process for each new research activity, providing full visibility of the research planning, tasking and contracting processes.

The WSTC Research Management Service covers:

  • Energetic materials
  • Gun systems
  • General munitions
  • Lethal mechanisms
  • Detonics
  • Fire control systems
  • Internal and external ballistics
  • Rocketry
  • Seeker systems
  • Pyrotechnics and countermeasures

If you work in these areas, the WSTC could help meet your requirements or help you to exploit your solutions.

If you have other research interests, talk to us about how the WSTC model could be used to solve your Research Management challenges.