A new range of disruptive technologies, collectively labelled The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR) is transforming the way we live and work by fusing the physical, digital and natural worlds together.

Behind the exciting prospects they offer lurk security risks capable of crippling organisations and infrastructure.

Based on our experience of helping organisations in critical environments mitigate the risk of complex and emerging threats, QinetiQ has created this new report - Countering the Threat from Emerging Technologies.

It outlines what we believe are five of the most prevalent emerging technologies and the risks they could present to critical infrastructure organisations. We then provide a clear set of recommendations to mitigate their impacts in the future.


Reduce reactive measures.

Become infrastructure-resilient.

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Ubiquitous Electronics

Countering the Threats from Emerging Technologies – Ubiquitous Electronics

In the second podcast linked to our new report, Richard Hoad and Mike Tagima from QinetiQ Advisory Services discuss the fragility of the electronics on which most of society is based. They look at the often overlooked threat of electromagnetic attack, the real world nature of the issue, and the potential ways to mitigate the risks today.


Countering the Threats from Emerging Technologies - 5G

In the first of a series of podcasts linked to our new report, Chris Walker, our Engineering and Transformation Director, explains why the power of 5G comes with inherent risks that need to be managed. He outlines what those threats look like, and the practical steps that organisations can take today to mitigate their impact in the future.