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Case Study: Aircraft Structural Integrity


QinetiQ helps Australian Defence Force strengthen aircraft structural integrity.

Aircraft Structural Integrity showing engineer checking aircraft on ground near missile

Executive summary
QinetiQ’s unique aircraft structural integrity services help ensure Australia’s aircraft fleet keeps flying. By extending its strategic aircraft partnership with QinetiQ, Australia’s Department of Defence is keeping military aviation in the vanguard of managing aircraft structural integrity (ASI).

The brief
To operate effectively, Australia’s military aviation depends on impartial airworthiness advice and an assurance of the structural integrity of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. To ensure continued access to world-leading ASI capabilities, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has extended its successful long-term partnership with QinetiQ Australia. QinetiQ already employs the largest concentration of ASI engineers in Australia and has delivered more than 3,500 tasks focused on safer operations, enhanced capability and lower cost of ownership.

Aircraft Structural Integrity showing engineer checking cockpit of helicopter while on ground

Our solution
QinetiQ has been a single channel for ASI expertise for more than 20 years, and looks forward to further strengthening what the Australian Department of Defence describes as a priority industry capability. It is important that this highly specialised capability doesn’t get fragmented, and no other provider comes close to matching QinetiQ’s resources and know-how. We already work on virtually every aircraft the ADF operates. Our work is critical to delivering safe, cost-effective and capable outcomes to the current and future fleet. This contract is about maintaining the capability and assuring safety.

Outcomes and benefits
QinetiQ’s ASI capability is delivered through a long-term performance based contract enabling even greater collaboration between the ADF, QinetiQ and Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group, keeping Australian military aviation at the forefront of ASI management. Our team has proven expertise in all critical activities required across structural integrity management, airframe life extension, design of repairs and modifications, stress and fatigue analysis, software development and non-destructive testing. The flexible contractual arrangements are designed around the needs of the customer, with any Australian Defence agency able to access QinetiQ expertise directly.

QinetiQ is the ADF’s only commercial Military Design Organisation in ASI for all military aircraft types. Under the latest Defence Aviation Safety Regulations, we’ll be able to deliver certified designs across all ASI platforms. We always strive to offer our customers more while delivering measurable value for money.