Case Study: Target Solutions for multi-nation exercise


Turn Key Aerial and Marine Target Services Provision under the RNLN Multi-year Services Agreement

Target Solutions Banshee Target on launcher pointed towards the sea

Executive summary

QinetiQ provided expertise and a variety of combined air and surface target solutions for a multi-national exercise under the Multi-year Target Services Agreement awarded to QTS by the Royal Netherlands Navy. These targets were used to represent a number of different threats and scenarios to enable realistic rehearsal of operational doctrines along with verification of specific performance attributes of the involved weapon systems in a safe environment.

"Many thanks to the Crews on board the Ship and at the Range. Thanks to their flexibility we were able to perform all the shots we required.”

The brief

Four nations participated in the exercise employing eight warships (frigates, corvettes and a support ship) along with a Ground Based Air Defence Unit. Weapon systems used included naval short, medium and long range surface to air missiles, surface to surface missiles, MANPAD systems on shore, naval guns of different calibers, CIWS and GPMG along with small caliber guns.

The purpose of the exercise was to test an integrated command and control structure along with each ship/ unit’s engagement capabilities against different attack profiles. These profiles were represented by simultaneous and synchronised operation of remotely controlled aerial and sea surface (marine) targets. QTS teams of operators were employed on board warships and at a shore based firing range, therefore allowing for long range handover of targets control, achieving the necessary scenario realism and contributing to the overall safety of the exercise. A total of 25 target presentations were conducted, with 17 of them being destroyed by the weapon systems, while the rest were successfully recovered.

Target Solutions Banshee drone being launched

Our solution

QinetiQ Target Systems provided a flexible solution that could be adapted throughout the campaign and exercise to meet our customer’s varied requirements. This solution involved the provision of teams of experts at both the Ranges and on the involved platforms, as well as a variety of both our air and surface target solutions.

Outcomes and benefits

Combining our expertise with our variety of targets and formations enabled us to deliver a solution to realistically represent a number of different threats and scenarios for the customer’s exercise.

This ensured that participants in the exercise were able to safely prepare and increase performance against threats in a safe and controlled environment. The close working relationship developed between the customer and our highly experienced, knowledgeable team over multiple exercises and years was key to our understanding of the customer’s requirements, and allowed us to offer the flexibility this exercise needed. As well as demonstrating the benefits of collaboration and flexibility with our customer, we were proud to be able to offer a realistic, reliable and cost-effective target solution for this exercise.

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