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DSEI Defence Leaders Panel


Strategic Engagement Director for Land, Iain Harrison, recently sat on the latest DSEI Defence Leaders panel entitled 'The Threat – Contextualising Army Equipment Requirements'. 

The discussion was led by Major General Ben Kite, OBE with guests Rod Thornton an academic in the Defence Studies Department of King’s College London and Samuel Cranny-Evans, the editor of Jane’s Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

Understanding the threats to military equipment are important if we are to develop capabilities that western land forces need to be successful in the future, and on any type of operations in the near term. Understanding these threats are more important than ever. The technology gap between western and central adversaries has closed over the last decade and the ability to over-match technology isn’t as acute as before. The pace of technological change is also speeding up and assumptions made in the past may not apply anymore and new problems are being discovered. Additionally, rising tensions between nations means the risks of threats manifesting is higher than recent decades.

What are our adversary’s capabilities now and what does it mean for operational and capability development? Watch the panel discussion below.