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How does the EDP support the Integrated Review?


Simon Galt

There can be little argument that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented one of the biggest challenges on our shores since World War II. It has highlighted the vulnerability of our way of life across the globe to new and unexpected external threats.

EDP and the Integrated Review - Aurora cover image with soldier kneeling
Just as the NHS was conceived in the wake of a major military conflict, this latest global health crisis has redefined the relationship between the government and how it protects its citizens – here and in practically every other country. The crisis has reminded us all that resilience comes in many forms and the need to adapt in the face of adversity is greater than ever. Perhaps offering up as a pre-text, this public health emergency has given the state time to reflect more profoundly on the future needs of the UK when it comes to the security of the nation. An increased focus on cyber and technology

Gone are the days where the number of tanks and ships define national power. Instead, the state has shifted its focus to science and technology, enabling the country to maintain its strategic foothold with partners around the world as a global, responsible cyber power. However, just as cyber is helping to redefine national ‘power’, it is also presenting new risks from well-resourced adversaries and is now recognised as posing one of the biggest threats to national security.

Having the ability to rise to such challenges with resolve and confidence demands effective innovation, agility and collaboration. Our unique, tried and tested Engineering Delivery Partner (EDP) programme demonstrates these capabilities and has the expertise to support the requirements above as raised in last week’s Integrated Review.

EDP provides a strategic approach to the sourcing and provision of skills, technology and engineering to meet demands of the MOD, by bringing together proven defence sector experience. By driving efficiency gains and operational benefits through innovation and collaboration, EDP is playing a pivotal role in shaping this change, as the state looks at other ways to firm up its national security.

As part of the special collaboration between QinetiQ, Atkins and BMT – with support from an outstanding network of specialist providers – the partnership continually delivers innovative capabilities, using state-of-the-art technologies, engineering expertise and assessment.

Futures Lab, powered by EDP

I am pleased to confirm the introduction of a collaborative and agile new service to EDP that will help meet the challenges set out in the Integrated Review.

Working in partnership with the DE&S Future Capability Group (FCG), we have secured a contract amendment which will result in the former Niteworks service being replaced with new capabilities and expertise as part of EDP.

The new service will be delivered under the name Futures Lab, powered by EDP, with the Aurora Engineering Partnership working in collaboration with FCG to maximise innovation and exploitation of new technologies and capabilities on the front line. This move puts the Aurora Engineering Partnership at the forefront of some of the MOD’s most important and innovative projects and programmes. It is designed to capitalise on the knowledge and experience of industry and academia to provide world-class expertise, impartial insight and informed decision-making in response to an ever-changing, complex-threat defence environment.

The specialist skills, foresight and collective resolve of clinical scientists, molecular biologists, statisticians, pharmaceutical engineers, logistics experts and health service professionals are helping us to address the most severe health crisis in a generation. In the same way, innovation and collaboration across all areas of science and technology is helping to provide the mission-critical key for our ongoing national security – and, when it comes to defence equipment and support, the EDP programme is right at the heart of the process.

To find out more about EDP, please Download our Annual Review 2021.

To find out more about Futures Lab, contact fslabprocurement@qinetiq.com.