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Visit us at Pacific 2019


When industry, government and defence professionals from across the Indo-Asia-Pacific region converge on Sydney next week for the Pacific International Maritime Exposition, we will be on site showcasing our capabilities and products in the fields of advanced engineering, complex test & evaluation and combat training & rehearsal.

As a global science and engineering company with over 6,000 people, we provide global reach with a local focus for our customers, wherever they are. We develop cutting-edge technology, apply it as new capability, measure how well it meets your requirements, and provide the combat training and evaluation needed to use it effectively on operations.

The Royal Australian Navy’s acquisition of the Hobart Class DDG, Hunter Class Frigate, Attack Class Submarine and their associated weapons, sensors, munitions, electronics and communications systems will demand sophisticated new approaches to test, evaluation and combat training. Our services extend across this continuum, and our people are innovation leaders in the application of the relevant technologies.

Establishing enterprise-level test, evaluation and capability assurance mechanisms is key to developing and maintaining the combat systems that are at the heart of high-end maritime warfighting capability. QinetiQ is uniquely placed to support the Royal Australian Navy in this respect; since our formation in the UK in 2001 we have delivered enterprise-level combat system test & evaluation and assurance services, independent of the supply chain, to the Royal Navy by developing and applying sophisticated land-based test facilities and our comprehensive combat systems engineering workforce.

Assuring systems performance is just one part of developing and sustaining high-end warfighting preparedness. In the context of rapidly evolving threat capabilities, access to realistic training scenarios is crucial to mission success for our Defence Forces. At Pacific 2019 we will showcase some notable products from our comprehensive portfolio of surface and aerial targets, which are currently delivering high-end combat training and rehearsal to defence customers around the world.

We produce advanced Unmanned Surface Vehicle-Targets (USV-T) and complementary tow targets, with turnkey systems for live-fire naval training for scenarios including piracy and Fast Inshore Attack Craft. They are supported by our portable command and control systems and in country maintenance arrangements.

Since 2012, the Royal Australian Navy has utilised targets including the Barracuda USV-T rigid hull inflatable boat, to deliver cost effective live fire maritime training scenarios. In 2005, four Barracudas were used to demonstrate the capability of our multi-unit control technology, with follow on live fire engagement scenarios in 2006, 2007 and in 2010, in a world-first demonstration we operated a swarm of 16 Hammerhead USV-Ts simultaneously. This year in Exercise Ocean Explorer we provided four Humpback targets for a swarm attack defence scenario.

These “Swarm-ex” events established our status as a world leader in naval targets‎. Today, we can operate up to 40 targets simultaneously and have now produced over 450 naval targets for our international customers.

The recent launches of the Ground and Air-Launched Rattler UAV Supersonic Target (Rattler GAL-ST) and the Next-Generation Banshee (Banshee NG) aerial target have catapulted our target systems to the fore in terms of cost effectiveness, speed, altitude and maneuverability.

The evolution in threat representation technology is pivotal to our strategy to lead and deliver world-class test and evaluation, training and mission rehearsal capabilities for our global customers.

Our capabilities in advanced engineering, complex test and evaluation and combat training and rehearsal ensure maritime systems, platforms and their crews are tested, evaluated and trained for their missions.

The Rattler GAL-ST, Hammerhead and Barracuda USV-T models will be on show at Pacific 2019. Find out more about their capabilities, and how QinetiQ delivers enterprise level test and evaluation, at Stand 3K20.

To arrange a meeting please contact marketing@qinetiq.com.au