QinetiQ Collaborate: Environment and Emissions


Hannah Cowley - Supply Chain Lead, Sustainable Procurement

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On Tuesday last week, we hosted a QinetiQ Collaborate virtual event on Environment and Emissions in collaboration with our customer, the MOD, and industry trade association techUK to discuss the impact of the changing climate landscape on our supply chain, especially around Scope 3 emissions reporting.

The event allowed us to understand net zero readiness from our customer’s perspective, see where we can access guidance and support in terms of industrial partners and provided a platform for feedback to SMEs on expectations of carbon reduction plan requirements and carbon disclosure within our procurement process. We were able to share our data collection experience and talk about the rapidly changing timescales and deadlines.
Rather than talking about what and how big the climate problems are (we are all aware of these), this was an opportunity to create positive energy and momentum towards direct action, and innovative solutions.  Reducing our collective greenhouse gas emissions from the value chain cannot be tackled alone. We need to collaborate and partner with our suppliers to achieve our net zero commitments. This event was the start of that conversation regarding carbon performance and carbon footprints of the goods and services that we procure, and to invite our suppliers to challenge us.
We had a number of great questions asked by attendees, including the key concern around the mandating of carbon disclosure for small suppliers. We will be asking our suppliers about their carbon performance and more specifically about the carbon footprint of the goods and services we procure. At this time, we want to understand whether our suppliers have made a net zero commitment.

Hannah Cowley, Supply Chain Lead – Sustainable Procurement, QinetiQ
John Allan, Head of QSEP, MOD DE&S
Craig Melson, Associate Director for Climate, Environment & Sustainability, techUK
Jack White, Graduate Sustainable Procurement, QinetiQ

Download a copy of the presented slides below.