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YuLife: our new reward app


Hear what our people are enjoying about YuLife

As we continue to find ways to support the safety and wellbeing of our people, we have recently partnered with YuLife, a reward app, to incentivise our people to get more active throughout their working week.

Introducing YuLife: Have fun. Stay Healthy. Get Rewarded

Through the YuLife app, our people have access to 24/7 UK-based GPs (via telephone or video call), online health assessments, access to nutrition consultations, and a free will-writing service. They can also earn YuCoin, the in-app currency for walking, cycling and mindfulness, which can be exchanged for vouchers from retail brands including M&S, Nike, and ASOS.

YuLife was introduced to QinetiQ colleagues in the UK in February and, to encourage participation, we took part in a referral incentive scheme. We are proud to share that as a result, in the first month of our partnership, we were able to plant 10 trees and donate 10 meals for every person that was successfully referred to the YuLife app. As we had 439 people referred, we planted a total of 4390 trees and donated 4390 meals, through impact partners Earthly and Share The Meal.

YuLife has really caught the attention of our colleagues and we wanted to share what they have been enjoying and the benefits they were making the most out of:

Steve, Group Head of Reward: “As an early adopter, I’ve been using the app for a couple of months and I am really enjoying using it. For me, the app itself is a helpful prompt to remind me to get out and take a break from work. It’s easy to just spend all day in the office or at home sat at my desk, but the need to complete quests appeals to my competitive side and is encouraging me to do a bit more exercise.

I’ve seen a very clear improvement in my wellbeing, fitness and I’ve even lost a little bit of weight too! When you get to higher levels, you have to do more challenges, and so I find that I’m now doing a meditation before bed which has improved my sleep too. The fact that it rewards you in YuCoin is just a nice added extra.”

Sophie, Associate Project Manager: “Being a Type 1 Diabetic, I am by my own admission a health and fitness enthusiast and looking after my wellbeing is the upmost importance. I was thrilled when QinetiQ had partnered with YuLife, as not only can I now get additional incentives for what I do every day, it has also helped me increase my mindfulness through the daily challenges offered on the App. I have built up a large pot of rewards simply for a 30 minute walk every day, and it is even more rewarding to be able to donate my points to a worthy cause.

I have always had a competitive nature when it comes to sports and so I am flattered to be within the Top 5 on the leader-board but it’s great to see so many colleagues hitting some impressive daily average steps. What’s my step secret? While I don’t have the excuse of owning a dog, I am a fond podcast listener, particularly the ‘The High Performance’ podcast. This podcast taught me to introduce non-negotiables in life; one of mine is that every day I get myself out for a morning run and/or walk before work which has improved my day-to-day productivity and mental wellbeing.

Ben, Maintenance System Manager: “Since using the YuLife app I have consciously been taking time out of my busy day to go for a short walk or conduct one of the meditation challenges. These daily challenges along the ‘journey’ are great, and give a good reminder to do the above.

Alongside this I have utilised the 24/7 virtual GP service, for advice on an ongoing shoulder impingement. The process to book the GP call back was simple and easy to follow, and the response was both rapid and professional. The GP I was allocated gave me some great advice and was very nice to talk too. I would strongly recommend anyone that has general health queries to utilise this service, as getting a call back from local GP’s can be challenging lately.

Jane, Managing Director LTPA: “After one of my team mentioned YuLife, I downloaded the app to check it out, and now I’m hooked. I usually run a couple of times a week but the app highlighted on the days that I don’t run I really don’t move very much. Since downloading the app I have definitely increased my daily steps. The daily challenges mean that I now make time either at lunch time or after work to do a 30 minute walk.

I have also enjoyed the meditation, and try to do a short session every day. When the days are very busy, having a break to do the meditation or a walk has really helped me reduce stress and increase my focus. Earning YuCoin every day is also a great motivation, and seeing the positive impact from the charity giving is brilliant.”

Julian, Electromagnetic Fields and Laser Adviser: “Last week on the YuLife app, as part of sleep week, I tried out the meditation challenges. The challenges ranged from four minutes to fifteen minutes long and I completed them in the evenings. It has come at just the right time as I have been struggling to relax and switch-off before going to bed. The short meditation exercises have helped me to sleep better and consequently, at work, be more focused. Previously I have tried courses and books however I have had more success with YuLife so I would recommend giving it a try!”

We are really pleased to see that our partnership with YuLife really is benefitting the health and wellbeing of our people, as well as creating a bit of friendly competition between colleagues.

To find out more about safety & wellbeing at QinetiQ, visit the our careers pages.