DSEI 2023

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We will be at DSEI in London on 12 - 15 September for its biggest edition yet. We will be showcasing our offerings and partaking in a world class content programme featuring keynotes from top defence and military officials, and over eight seminar theatres featuring MOD-led content. Find out more about our offerings below.

Not only can we develop cutting-edge technology and turn it into capability, we can also tell you if that capability will work when it is critically needed and ensure you are trained and operationally ready.

DSEI 2023: Create It

Developing cutting edge technology and rapidly turning it into capability.

DSEI 2023: Test It

Assuring a capability will work when it is critically needed.

DSEI 2023: Use It

Ensuring our customers are trained and operationally ready.

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Working with academic and industry experts, we examine emerging technologies and how they might disrupt the defence and security sector in the future. We identify the risks and opportunities associated with new innovations to provide an insight to decision-makers on how their adoption could overcome challenges and achieve operational advantage.

Test and Evaluation Rich Picture

A visual explaining the journey we are on to delivering an integrated approach to Test & Evaluation from Concept to Operation, to support customers in their adoption of advanced defence capability.

Suppliers & SMEs

Our mission is to be a world-class enabler of growth, competitiveness and global business delivery by seamlessly integrating industrial partners into the QinetiQ enterprise. Here you’ll find information on our processes, values and relationships for potential and existing suppliers