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As a world-leader in the provision of Test & Evaluation (T&E) services, we are always looking for ways to bring to life what we do for our customers to support them in delivering defence capability at pace to the frontline. This animated Rich Picture is a visual explaining the journey we are on towards delivering an integrated approach to T&E – depicted in this case for a maritime platform – from Concept to Operation, to support customers in their adoption of advanced defence capability.

This animated Rich Picture is set out in three phases:

Phase 1- Sub-systems evaluation: delivering T&E services to inform and validate the design and performance of the major sub-systems of a platform, initiating the digital thread of performance evidence.

Phase 2 – Integration of sub-systems in to platform: As the sub-systems are integrated into the platform, QinetiQ provides expertise, digital tools, facilities and ranges to assure the warfighting capability of the platform, exploiting the digital thread at platform level.

Phase 3 – Wider capability integration: QinetiQ has expertise across all defence domains, with expertise and access to tools, facilities and ranges to support wider capability integration, underpinning assurance for warfighting capability.
Download the Static Rich Picture here

If you have any questions or would like to speak to the QinetiQ team about Test & Evaluation, please contact us at: TandE@qinetiq.com.