QinetiQ launches global skills transfer program


QinetiQ has launched a global skills transfer program, aimed at expanding local Test & Evaluation (T&E) expertise to support increasingly complex projects in Australia.

QinetiQ’s new sovereign skills transfer program will leverage the defence contractor’s global Test & Evaluation and Range Management expertise, enhancing their ability to support increasingly complex T&E projects in Australia.

The program is QinetiQ’s response to increasingly challenging geopolitical environments, as well as a response to Defence’s call to evolve current T&E methodologies and capabilities, as outlined in its recently released Defence T&E Strategy.

QinetiQ plans to leverage digital technologies in conjunction with live testing, providing deeper capability insights that will help inform key assessments and associated decisions.

The bespoke career development program offers new and existing QinetiQ employees in Australia the opportunity to work alongside global experts to grow their technical and operational expertise within sovereign T&E.

QinetiQ Australia Managing Director, Greg Barsby, said the program was a long-term investment in Australian sovereign test and evaluation expertise that would deliver real customer benefit.

“We are delighted to be growing this core capability in Australia, making a long-term investment in sovereign skills to support the increasingly complex T&E projects of our defence and security customers,” he said.

“Our scientists and engineers provide assurance to customers that their missions can be carried out successfully, ranging from fundamental research through to training in live-fire, multinational exercises. We understand the nature of this responsibility and take pride in its delivery.”

Individuals that participate in the Sovereign Skills program undertake an initial skills audit, identifying their existing knowledge base to tailor their development experience, categorised by technical area or domain.

The next phase of the bespoke career development journey sees participants taking part in a combination of online development, mentoring and coaching facilitated by industry-leading experts.

Additional requirements may see some individuals taking part in on-the-job training with specialist teams in live test and evaluation environments at world-class Air, Land and Maritime ranges overseas for a period of six weeks to two years.

These ranges are large-scale, remote sites used for testing and evaluating Air, Land and Maritime platforms, such as ships, aircraft and tanks, before they are deployed.

QinetiQ are looking for people with aligned technical skills and backgrounds, who have experience in working in safety critical environments.

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QinetiQ Australia is dedicated to building sovereign industrial capability for test, evaluation, certification and systems assurance. Our recognised expertise provides the ADF with complex, world-leading and independent capabilities. We’ve partnered with Defence Science and Technology (DST) to provide high-end engineering design and prototyping capability, and operate the Queensland Flight Test Range (QFTR) on behalf of the Queensland Government. We employ more than 600 people across Australia, as well as co-locating with our customers at various Defence, Government and Academic sites nationally.

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