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Mission Data Explained

Mission Data explained

Mission Data is the bespoke digital lifeblood which enables platforms, sensors and systems to achieve their maximum operating potential beyond their baseline technology standard. It optimises their individual and combined operational performance leading to mission success and the protection of human life.

  • Without Mission Data, it is likely that an adversary’s platform will evenly match, or even out-match, a friendly platform of a comparable baseline technology standard; in Scenario 1, there is no operational advantage to friendly forces. 
  • By being able to detect an adversary’s emitter using signals intelligence (SIGINT) equipment, low analysis source data can be collected to start building Mission Data to provide situational awareness and protection for friendly forces. An emitter detection is processed by SIGINT hardware and software to analyse the parameters for later analysis, geographical relation and context.
  • The emitter parameters are ingested into a Mission Data production cycle where they are more deeply analysed, performance modelled and converted into a usable output format for use on friendly forces’ platforms.
  • Mission Data is then produced as quickly as possible (in hours not days) either in-time for the next mission or in the future, during a mission. The Mission Data is tailored to friendly system/platform requirements then rigorously tested to provide assurance to the end user.
  • The Mission Data is then delivered to the friendly platform to afford them enhanced situational awareness, protection and an operational advantage.
  • In Scenario 2, timely and assured Mission Data creates an operational advantage for friendly forces over an adversary operating a platform of a comparable baseline technology standard.

Mission Data Production Explained

At its most basic, Mission Data production is the process of turning raw source data into assured high quality data that enables our military platforms and systems to be most effective. Watch and listen to our animated infographic video which explains this in more detail.