Airborne Track Locate & Rebroadcast

ATLR is a multi-function airborne Electronic Surveillance (ES) payload providing blue and red force beacon tracking, command and control of beacons, and communications rebroadcast, at ultra-low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) and suited to the harshest of environments.


A range of beacons that are commanded by the ATLR payload are designed to be placed on red forces to enable tracking, for example Special Forces placing a beacon on a car of interest. ATLR is part of a wider range of QinetiQ airborne payloads that include ASX and SDML. Originally designed for High Altitude Platforms ATLR has been proven in harsh environments on the Zephyr UAV.


  • Provides command and control of ground beacons, resulting in a reduced requirement for troops to replace batteries for the beacons, and thereby reducing risk to personnel
  • Controls beacons via its airborne payload, which enables stand-off tracking. This reduces the risk of operational compromise, as well as the risk to ground troops that may be used to monitor beacons
  • Provides a GPS timestamp, position and accelerometer state to enable detailed analysis of target movement
  • Our system-compatible tracking beacons enable the provision of a comprehensive technical capability

Unique selling points

ATLR has a lower SWaP than other airborne red beacon trackers and combines communications rebroadcast within the same payload. The beacons are controlled by the airborne payload, making it possible to activate and de-activate in order to preserve battery life and extend the operational effectiveness of emplaced beacons.