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Anechoic Test Facility

The Anechoic Test Facility is a versatile test environment offering research & development opportunities for a range of aircraft, vehicles and systems.

Anechoic Chamber

Its novel elliptical design works effectively over a wide range of frequencies to meet varied test requirements. Offering scientifically repeatable testing of military and commercial systems under controlled conditions, we’re supported by our expert servicing engineers. The building’s unique construction ensures that extraneous Radio Frequency emissions do not interfere with test results, while the Radio Frequency isolation ensures accuracy of results.

Typical capabilities include:
  • Electronic warfare system testing
  • Interoperability of equipment on single platform
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Sensitivity measurements
  • Mobile complex signal generation
  • GPS system testing
  • Radio Frequency emissions measurement
Typical capabilities include:
  • A versatile, secure and effective solution
  • Accommodates a vast range of platforms and systems
  • Interlocks on all access doors, intercom, CCTV monitoring and fume extraction
  • Radio Frequency isolated
  • Penetration panels for cable routing
  • Filters on all electrical cables
  • Antechamber for preparation
Additional features include:
  • Characterised testing between 500MHz and 18GHz
  • 31m x 17.5m x 7.6m lozenge-shaped secure environment
  • Isolation ranging between >60dB and >90dB
  • RAM Power handling 1150W/m2, with an air cooled target area capable of 12kW/m2

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