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Banshee Jet 40

Developed from the successful Banshee Whirlwind target, this jet engine version entered service to fulfill two emerging requirements. The first is for an affordable and reliable target that is faster than the propeller driven Banshee. The second is the provision of a realistic, complete 360° IR signature.

Banshee Jet 40 fulfills both of these requirements as it has a top speed in excess of 135metres/second and when fitted with the patented Hot Nose provides a forward and side looking IR source with output in bands I, II and III. A realistic IR signature to the rear of the target is provided by the rear-mounted jet engine, which produces 40kg of static thrust.

All other well proven augmentation devices traditionally available to Banshee can be fitted to this jet engine derivative.

The Banshee range of aerial targets are typically used by customers to represent threats posed by UAVs, enemy aircraft, and general aerial threat weapons. Variants of Banshee have been used by customers to test the effectiveness and operational readiness of weapon systems, including:

  • Air-to-Air Missiles
  • Ground/MANPAD/Surface-to-Air Missiles
  • Guns/Cannon Systems

Key Features

  • Suitable for use on land and sea
  • Suitable for use against surface-to-air and air-to-air weapon systems
  • Target performance and enhancement easily varied by plug-in modules
  • Target airframe and enhancements proven worldwide with many thousands of hours of in-service operation
Banshee Jet 40