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CheckTool Medium Voltage Installation

0.1 accuracy class spot measurement of voltage with current and power

LineWatch Check Tool is an integral part of the LineWatch M sensor installation. Its highly accurate voltage and phase angle measurements are used to quickly and easily calibrate the sensors in situ.

The Check Tool can also be used as a precision stand-alone, quick reference tool for spot measuring phase-to-neutral voltage, phase current, and power flow on a live line. Unlike the LineWatch M product, the Check Tool is not intended to be left on the line.


  • Quick and easy sensor calibration
  • Most accurate hot stick power meter on the market
  • Measures real and reactive power flow
  • Measurement of live line conditions
  • Can log measurements to local file
  • No need for multiple tools

LineWatch CheckTool Datasheet
LineWatch CheckTool

LineWatch CheckTool Datasheet

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