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Information Advantage in Space - Capitalising on the Data Revolution

Not since the space race in the last century has the space domain experienced such an exciting and dramatic change. 

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Information Advantage
Utility of Mission Data

Discover how Mission Data helps Warfighters achieve an Information Advantage and how it needs to evolve in the future in our 1-pager here.

Test and Evaluation Fundamentals
Mission Data

Data is a vital strategic military benefit. We help our customers understand how obtaining a rapid sense of your environment, and of adversary activity, enables faster, better decisions.

Data Intelligence

We use modern software development techniques of agile and DevSecOps applied to data-intensive client problems to meet the demands of time-critical client missions.

Mission Data Explained

Without Mission Data, it is likely that an adversary’s platform will evenly match, or even out-match, a friendly platform of a comparable baseline technology standard; in Scenario 1, there is no operational advantage to friendly forces.

Collaborative advantage: an opinion piece by Air Marshal Philip Osborn

The need for information advantage in modern warfighting spells change for people, processes and technologies. All three must be underpinned by a different type of relationship between Defence and industry.

Enacting Prototype Warfare: Information - the heart of the RAS ecosystem

The power of Land RAS comes from leveraging information shared between multiple systems. Get your copy of our Enacting Prototype Warfare report, delving into this topic in detail.