Lightweight Elastic Launcher

Our lightweight launcher is a free standing unit based on a launch rail with an overall length of 6.22 metres. When deployed the rail assumes a launch angle of 15°.

The air vehicle is mounted on a trolley that is free to move along the rail. The trolley is driven through a “Dyneema” rope by means of four elastic powerbands tensioned with an electric winch mounted at one end of the rail.

Optionally, fixed to one side of the rail is a remote engine starter for the air vehicle engine. This is powered by the same 12 volt rechargeable battery supply that powers the launcher winch. Once an engine has been started the starter mechanism swings away from the aircraft to allow launching to take place. A removable propeller guard can be fitted around the propeller of the air vehicle to ensure operator safety if engine maintenance is required whilst it is running.

The launch rail can be folded to facilitate transport and storage.