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SEAScout Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

SEAScout is a lightweight, A-size, UUV that features a reconfigurable payload enabling it to perform multiple maritime missions such as decoy, gateway buoy, neutralizer, data gathering, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. This innovative UUV reduces logistical support costs by streamlining operations.


Compact Design

SEAScout’s A-size form factor allows it to be launched from any sonobuoy launcher and on any platform - it can even be hand launched!

Reconfigurable Payload

SEAScout offers a baseline payload section that is 10 inches long (expandable to 22 inches) x 4.5 inches in diameter and can be configured with a wide variety of payload/sensor packages.


  • Open architecture, reconfigurable payload
  • CG can shift to vertical “buoy” mode, horizontal “UUV” mode, or any angle desired
  • Collapsible antennas for LOS, Iridium and Satellite comms, allowing data exfil without recovery
  • Hollow drive train through tail enables a variety of connectors (towed payload sensors, fiber-optic tether, deployable array, data transfer)

Features & Benefits

  • A-size form factor/expandable
  • Reconfigurable payload
  • Open architecture
  • Attrituable
  • Compact design
  • Multi-mission
  • Reduces costs associated with support logistics
  • Optional launch methods

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