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TITAN Modular Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Large Unmanned Ground Vehicle

TITAN Unmanned Ground Vehicle

TITAN is a large Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) that provides safety and support for small dismounted military operations. Developed by QinetiQ and Milrem Robotics, TITAN features a multi-mission, reconfigurable platform that increases soldier safety and mission effectiveness.

TITAN consists of QinetiQ combat-proven robotic systems and controller and Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS mobility platform and modular mission payload. The vehicle platform features a pair of diesel-electric hybrid tracked drive modules providing all-terrain long-range endurance with run-silent capability.

Load Carrying Capabilities

TITAN’s load carrying capabilities provides force multiplication and greater mobility. These capabilities ensure off-route manoeuvrability resulting in a safer and more successful mission.


TITAN’s open architecture platform supports a wide range of operations. It features two track modules linked by a mission specific payload frame that supports a wide range of warfighter requirements.

TITAN also interfaces with third party payloads for a wide variety of mission fits, including CBRN reconnaissance, route clearance and direct fire support roles.

Utilising a combination of in-house and partnered technology, QinetiQ can integrate a selection of autonomy packages appropriate for the intended operating environment.

Key features
  • Increases soldier safety
  • Reduces soldier carry load
  • Increases mission endurance
  • Multi-mission modular payloads
  • Modular autonomous behaviours reduce cognitive load
  • High mobility / all-terrain operations
  • Multiple controller and camera options
  • Operable in manned or unmanned modes
  • Open architecture
  • Designed with combat-proven technology
  • Wide variety of payloads and accessories
  • Tactical run-silent mode
  • Power-off-load capability