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QinetiQ Advisory Services

We enable strategic outcomes

The rapid pace of technological development has led to new defence and security capabilities and challenges in a more complex world.

QinetiQ Advisory Services helps you to understand and address complex defence and security challenges, reduce risks and maximise operational and economic value. From shaping capability requirements through to helping you acquire the right equipment, we enable better-informed, evidence-based, decisions.

Helping you to better understand, define and analyse your problems, so you can consider, plan and act with greater certainty.

What we do

Our consultants have a deep understanding of complex defence and security problems and use robust and proven methods to provide tailored solutions to difficult problems. We offer:

Strategic Consultancy

We help you to address major strategic issues, understand your viable options and deliver effective outcomes. Our programmes range from developing policy to creating new sovereign capabilities.

Innovation Consultancy

We help you to innovate, integrate and exploit ground-breaking ideas to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Our breadth of experience encompasses developing resilient capabilities through to the understanding, planning and incorporation of new disruptive technologies

Transformation Consultancy

We enable you to transform the way you operate, delivering effective change quickly and with certainty. We support you to identify current and desired states, and adapt people, systems and processes accordingly. This highlights key capability gaps, opportunities and transformation priorities.

Major Acquisition Support

We help you to determine whether to update or replace major capabilities and offer support throughout the acquisition lifecycle. Our consultants employ best practice and proprietary tools that enable you to operate with transparency, deliver value for money and make evidence-based decisions.

How we work

We tailor our approach to ensure your strategic outcomes are achieved.

Understand where you are

We help you understand exactly where you are now through:

  • Understanding your strategic drivers, threats and need for change
  • Mapping your strategy, policies and procedures
  • Benchmarking your capabilities, processes and operations
  • Identifying your internal and external stakeholders
  • Determining your context, internal limitations and external constraints
  • Rationalising and providing a detailed understanding of the core problem

Analyse where you need to be

We help you analyse where you need to be through:

  • Defining, assessing and evaluating your vision and goals
  • Horizon scanning to identify future trends, opportunities and threats
  • Conceptualising new capabilities and operational approaches
  • Scenario planning
  • Understanding the impacts and risks of change

Advise how you get there

We advise you on reaching your desired outcomes through:

  • Exploring potential options and understanding their impact
  • Providing plans and procedures to effect the required change
  • Business case development and cost analysis
  • Creating technology roadmaps
  • Supporting programme and schedule management
  • Knowledge transfer to create sustainable capability

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