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Cyber attacks. System failure. Data theft. Inappropriate use. Unauthorised access; the world’s data and the systems that hold it face these threats every day, so security and digital resilience is paramount.


We offer a comprehensive approach to cyber security, fit for the digital age. In a market made up of piecemeal solutions, we address the weaknesses by providing end-to-end security across every level of your digital ecosystem.

In the maritime space we provide technological and scientific expertise to help protect and advance your vital interests. We are a trusted, independent advisor and security partner for clients who recognise that digital resilience can deliver a business-winning edge in a highly regulated and competitive environment.

The path to digital resilience demands a shift in focus from reactive to proactive cyber security, employing threat-hunting, understanding threat evolution and advanced penetration testing. Our defence-grade security technologies, rigorous threat checks and system-wide managed cyber security service can help you build digital resilience, so you can face the future with greater certainty.

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Digital Resilience

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