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The countdown is over!


Our countdown to Christmas is over; have you been watching how we helped #SantaQlaus this year?

This year we celebrated with our own countdown to Christmas. We wanted to showcase a variety of our technology, services, products and facilities as well as having a bit of fun and spreading the cheer through imagery.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season!

Christmas CountdownDay 1

#SantaQlaus has enlisted the help of our subsidiary, Boldon James, to protect sensitive information (like your letters to Santa), ensuring it goes to the right people in a safe, controlled and efficient way. Find out more here.

Christmas CountdownDay 2

Our subsidiary OptaSense have worked with the elves to keep your presents safe by transforming the telecoms fibre cables around Santa's Grotto into acoustic sensors. Now #SantaQlaus will get an alert any time a thief, or a polar bear, approaches. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 3

Delivering presents is challenging so practice is key! #SantaQlaus uses our xCITE immersive training technology to prepare for every eventuality, from getting down the chimney to sneaking past the dog and navigating through discarded toys. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 4

With one suit to cover all climates in one night, #SantaQlaus needs to be sure it can survive in sunshine & snow. We manage the Environmental Test Facility at MOD Boscombe Down where he can see how it holds up in -70°C to +70°C. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 5

Now #SantaQlaus has to make sure that he remains unseen whilst delivering presents! What better way than to make yourself invisible to radar? That’s why this year, the elves are applying our stealth technology to Santa’s sleigh. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 6

If you modify a sleigh like #SantaQlaus has, you need to check it’s safe for take-off and flying around the world at speed. Well it is all done in one night! We’ve checked how it copes with high propulsion on the Long Test Track at MOD Pendine. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 7

A whole night of high speed is not only tough on the sleigh but for #SantaQlaus too (think of the G force!). A visit to our experts in Sweden and a quick run on the Centrifuge means Santa is prepared for whatever the journey brings. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 8

Did you know when the weather gets rough, sometimes #SantaQlaus has to take to the seas. To prepare, Santa has visited the Ocean Basin at Haslar Marine Technology Park to test the sleigh in a range of wave conditions. Because you can’t be too careful! Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 9

You may wonder where #SantaQlaus keeps his reindeer in the build up to Christmas… Well this year, they’ve been keeping the Przewalski’s horses company on our Farnborough Site of Special Scientific Interest, Eelmoor Marsh. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 10

Santa’s deliveries around the world depend on him being able to see (unsurprisingly), so he may have to use his night vision goggles! Well just between us, #SantaQlaus learnt how to use his at the Night Vision Systems Test House at MOD Boscombe Down. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 11

#SantaQlaus puts a lot of effort in to planning his delivery route. Could you imagine the damage if his route was hacked? Luckily, we are experts in navigation resilience for demanding environments and are able to advise Santa on Secure Navigation. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 12

With people around the world waiting for their presents, #SantaQlaus can’t risk a sleigh malfunction. Sometimes during take-off, the reindeer need a bit of help. That’s where our T6 ion engines give a bit of extra thrust! Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 13

First stop for #SantaQlaus - Australia! Our team in Australia are on the nice list thanks to their efforts on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. After raising over $100,000 for Legacy, they’ve ensured that Santa’s Christmas wishes have been shared with those in need. Find out more here.

Christmas CountdownDay 14

We hear a lot about autonomy, but did you know that #SantaQlaus also uses a little autonomous assistance? To make some of his most challenging deliveries on land, Talon comes in handy to check the area is safe - so no one misses out on their presents. Find out more here.


Christmas CountdownDay 15

As the sun rises and the presents are all delivered, the fantastic team from our latest acquisition in Germany help to make sure #SantaQlaus gets home safely. Find out more here.